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We can help you fight the illegal distribution
of the pirated copies of your software product.

Have you ever encountered pirated copies of your commercial product being illegally distributed on the web for free soon after your product launch?

You might have even tried to deal with this issue by upgrading the product protection system and paying thousands of dollars to computer programmers solely for this service. However, the upgraded version of your product would also be eventually hacked and you would simply lose the money you have spent on the computer programmers.

What should one do in order to prevent such situations from happening in the future and avoid spending money on expensive protection which makes the product uneasy to use?

We offer you to deal solve the problem by means
of our new service – Copyright protection

The advantages of our service are obvious:

  • Your sales will grow since the product will be unavailable for free download on the Internet.
  • There is no need to develop an expensive and complicated protection system for the product.
  • Your reputation will grow among the customers who have purchased your product, as they will know they have paid you for what they couldn’t get for free elsewhere.
  • The fee for our service is significantly lower than that of the law firms.
  • We offer a fully fledged service and you will not have to take any further actions.
  • We work with eBay, file storages, forums, warez websites, torrent trackers and others. We exterminate any instances of piracy.
  • We remove the product copies from websites regardless of their language.

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How much money can this service save?

As an example, we offer to explore the case with the popular Forex product Forex-MegaDroid ( This product is frequently cracked by pirates, despite the fact that it has an up-to-date protection.

During one month 78 illegal copies of the product were removed from 28 different websites.

The total number of hits for the websites from which the pirated copies were removed was about 10.000 per month. Therefore, the following conclusion can be made:

One month of using our services can save up to 10.000 copies of the pirated product.

If every 100th visitor bought the product, the company would additionally earn $6.700 which is a lot less than our service fee!

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Find out the approximate number of websites, illegally distributing your product

You will see the results in a new window

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How is the service being provided?

  1. At the bottom of this page you can find the service packages we offer. You need to select the desired package and hit the “Order Now” button to the right of the selected package.
  2. You then need to read and accept the terms of our client agreement.
  3. Right after you accept the terms of the agreement, you will be redirected to the payment page where you can will make a payment for the selected package.

We will start servicing you within 1-2 days of the reception of your payment. Our manager might contact you to clarify certain details, so, please, be sure to provide a valid email address.

We do not disclose the specifics of our piracy fighting methods, but we can say that in 9 out of 10 cases our methods work. We cannot promise you a 100% removal of the pirated copies, but we can guarantee a significant decrease in the distribution of the pirated copies of your product on the Internet.

Copyright protection service packages

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Our service is offered in several packages. In order to determine the best package for you, please, contact our sales department.

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Standard Package

This package suits most of small projects that are not very popular among hackers. The package implies the removal of all pirated copies found during the paid period.

  • $500 – the first month fee
  • $200 – a monthly fee for the subsequent months

* * *

Maximum Package

This package was created precisely for products that are popular among pirates. To protect such products, several employees of our company regularly search for websites distributing the pirated copies of the product.

  • $1.000 – the first month fee
  • $350 – a monthly fee for the subsequent months

* * *

We also offer you a package with a fee for every removed product copy

One-Time Package

You pay for every removed copy in a package of 10, 45 or 110 pirated copies before the actual removal of the pirated copies occurs.

  • $150 – the fee for 10 copies
  • $600 – the fee for 40 copies + 5 copies for free
  • $1.500 – the fee for 100 copies + 10 copies for free

* * *

We also offer a package for the most popular websites where the pirated copies are being distributed

Individual Package

This package aims to remove the pirated copies of the product exclusively from eBay and the file-sharing sites. In this case, you can prevent situations when customers find and have an opportunity to buy an illegal copy on these websites prior to finding your product’s legitimate website. However, with a more thorough search, one can still find the pirated copies of your product on other less popular websites.

  • $200 – a monthly fee for small projects
  • $350 – a monthly fee for big projects

* * *

Contact our sales manager if you have any questions