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Our company was established in 2008. Before starting to offer customer support our company was providing web-design services and software development. This website is mostly dedicated to customer support services.

There are two main purposes of our business today: first is to provide high quality customer support teams that will satisfy any of our customers’ needs, second is software and web development services. We never wanted and still do not want our customers to refer to us as to robots capable of providing template responses without individual problem solving abilities.

Our headquarters are located in Ukraine, a country enabling our business to make the prices decent while simultaneously supplying our office with smart university graduates of whom we choose the best ones, hire them and train them to provide the ultimate quality service to our customers.

During the time we have been on the market, our team has been able to deal with a number of projects’ types. Day by day the number of the projects, their topics and complexity are constantly growing. In case there is a peculiar task for the project support, our team will master the unfamiliar topic in the shortest time period.

In the next sections, please, familiarize yourself with the projects we have so far dealt with and the customers we have had the honor to work with. Having contacted our customers, one will surely hear only positive references about our company and its services.