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The easiest and the most popular support type among our customers is carried out either via e-mail or ticket systems. In this case, problems are quickly divided into complexity levels and are easily transferred between support departments.

To maintain support via e-mail without the ticket system application, any mail agent or web-interface can be used. The most common and convenient interface is Google Mail (Gmail.com). However, this support type is used solely for small and medium projects or their separate sub-projects. As an alternative to the e-mail support we use the so-called ticket systems.

A ticket system is a program that has many useful functions and is installed on the customer’s server. It combines the convenience of working with e-mails and the multifunctionality of labor division, creation of reports, and transfer of inquiries between the support members within the single system. Precisely the system’s multifunctionality enables finding quick solutions to complicated tasks. The most useful functions in this system are the assignment of the inquiries to different categories, easy inquiries transfer to the other support department or to a particular team-member, inquiries distribution among multiple team members, creation of detailed reports on the team’s activity etc. The project’s customer will think that his every inquiry is being answered from one mailbox, where his e-mail has been sent to. At the same time, the support team member can have a quick access not only to the last inquiry of the customer but to the entire mailing history between the customer and the support team on one page. This system allows to discover the problem and to see what methods have already been used but have not worked out, so that the customer will not be advised to use the same method twice and no misunderstandings will arise.

Our team can install and set up any support system on the customer’s server per request.