Summer support prices

We would like to draw your attention upon the market’s lowest customer support prices.

We have recently managed to reduce our operational costs to a minimum which has made our prices even more attractive. The minimal price of a full time employee is now as low as $500 USD per month, beating the prices for similar services in the Philippines or India. At the same time, our quality remains top, since we continuosly supervise the work of our employees.

We have also changed our support packages policy and all you need to do is to choose between the two available packages – “Basic” and “Profy”. The “Basic” package will suit the majority of products, yet if you’re promoting a complex product, which requires a profound understanding of the work process, you will need the “Profy” package, serviced by our most experienced employees.

We would also like to point out that all of our employees are with higher education and proficient in the English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. All of them also posses expert skills in respect to technical literacy and computers. Our team is very motivated and we aim at our customers ordering our services not only because of our unbeatable price but also because of the top quality we deliver.

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