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Our service is offered in several packages. In order to determine the best package for you, please, contact our sales department.

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Standard Package

This package suits most of small projects that are not very popular among hackers. The package implies the removal of all pirated copies found during the paid period.

  • $500 – the first month fee
  • $200 – a monthly fee for the subsequent months

* * *

Maximum Package

This package was created precisely for products that are popular among pirates. To protect such products, several employees of our company regularly search for websites distributing the pirated copies of the product.

  • $1.000 – the first month fee
  • $350 – a monthly fee for the subsequent months

* * *

We also offer you a package with a fee for every removed product copy

One-Time Package

You pay for every removed copy in a package of 10, 45 or 110 pirated copies before the actual removal of the pirated copies occurs.

  • $150 – the fee for 10 copies
  • $600 – the fee for 40 copies + 5 copies for free
  • $1.500 – the fee for 100 copies + 10 copies for free

* * *

We also offer a package for the most popular websites where the pirated copies are being distributed

Individual Package

This package aims to remove the pirated copies of the product exclusively from eBay and the file-sharing sites. In this case, you can prevent situations when customers find and have an opportunity to buy an illegal copy on these websites prior to finding your product’s legitimate website. However, with a more thorough search, one can still find the pirated copies of your product on other less popular websites.

  • $200 – a monthly fee for small projects
  • $350 – a monthly fee for big projects

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Contact our sales manager if you have any questions