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For my next big product launch, I found myself in need of a reliable and affordable customer support service with a professional and attentive approach to the needs of my customers. A fellow marketer has recommended Duet Support to me. It has been several months since the launch of my project and I can confidently attest the service I was provided with by Duet Support completely came up to my high expectations.

The Duet Support employees proved capable of successfully handling customer inquiries of all types and complexity levels in a fast and professional manner. Largely due to their assistance I managed to reach a steadily growing number of sales with a minuscule refund rate. A combination of a quality product and quality customer support is what makes my project rock on ClickBank. Moreover, the cost of the Duet Support services is by far the smallest on the market for the high quality level provided. I now intend on ordering their customer services for all of my future marketing projects.

Jeremy B., ForexBulletProof.com

Our robot, Forex Megadroid, is one of the most well known software products in the niche and we have been using the customer support services of Duet Support since its launch in March 2009.

Duet Support has been professionally providing a wide range of customer support services including email/ticket processing, live chat and telephone support with equally good quality and pricing. They have demonstrated an excellent ability to deal with even the most complex matters and promptly resolve any issues encountered when servicing the many thousands of our customers around the world.

We believe it is extremely important for our customers to feel valued and have their needs fully met. Duet Support is the only company we feel we can completely rely on to achieve this objective. Their high professional standards, polite & skilful staff and unbeatable pricing has allowed them to achieve impressive success in the industry.

John Grace, Forex-MegaDroid.com