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In this large section of our web-site, we would like to describe our approach to customer support outsourcing, so one could have a deeper understanding as to what kind of outsourced customer support services exist and what particular service one needs.

We offer certain sets of services called support packages that have been specifically selected to comply with the needs of most customers. However, we also apply an individual approach if the customer is not satisfied with the existing outsourcing support packages.

Support Packages

This first step one needs to make is to determine what type of outsourced customer support his project requires. Customer support can be of different types which are described in detail on the page Customer Support Types.

Besides the support packages, we also offer a number of additional services that simplify the role of the project manager in his/her business by providing more than mere outsourcing customer support services. There are exclusive support services that we can offer even if the customer is not going to order project support.