Employee training

Employee training is offered as one more useful additional service. The customer no longer needs to participate in the training process of every newcomer. The training function becomes the direct responsibility of a coach – a global team leader or simply a person with a great deal of experience in trainings and work in the support business.

As customer support services rate as a hard and routine work, there are chances that some staff members will suddenly quit. It may happen that an employee who has worked for 3 or 6 months on a certain project unexpectedly decides to leave his/her position. In this case, even if the customer does not use the services of a team leader, we will find and train a new employee at our own expense. Our customer does not need to participate in the training of a newcomer but is asked to provide the training materials.

If our customer intends on ordering this service, he/she needs to inform us about it at the project’s start and provide all the training materials to our global team leader, so that the latter could conduct trainings on his/her own without our customer’s further participation.

This service can be ordered for every newcomer separately. A fee is charged for every trained employee.