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In our company, we use three shifts in order to cover 24 hours per day. Our country’s time zone is GMT+2; however, our team works around the clock in order to ensure high quality support for our customers at any time.

Established working shifts:

  • 1st shift (7:00-16:00 GMT) (9:00-18:00 GMT+2) (2:00-11:00 EST)
  • 2nd shift (16:00-0:00 GMT) (18:00-2:00 GMT+2) (11:00-19:00 EST)
  • 3rd shift (0:00-7:00 GMT) (2:00-9:00 GMT+2) (19:00-2:00 EST)

Each shift has different timeframe in hour and different price per hour, because according to Ukrainian law we are paying more to employees who work during the night.

Each shift includes 1 hour break for employee, which can be divided into two 30-minutes breaks.

To request exact price quote contact us, providing details of your project and number of employees needed.