Supervisor Team Leader

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This service is considered the most handy and essential for those projects requiring 4 or more employees for customer support services.

A supervisor team leader is part-time member of the support team; he/she has managerial skills and knows the project better and in a greater detail than the other team members. Such an employee takes full control over the working process and manages the work of the team, helps with complicated questions. A team leader is responsible for handling the most complicated issues that require more knowledge and scrutiny. Furthermore, a team-leader becomes a messenger between our customer and the rest of the support team, informing other members about any changes and the latest events.

One of the most important responsibilities of a supervisor is newcomers’ trainings. As rapid staff turnover is common for major projects, a team leader will assist our customer with newcomers’ trainings without the customer’s personal constant participation.

The supervisor is a skilled and experienced employee of our company who has various tasks assigned. Services of a team leader are usually included in the price when there are 4 or more employees hired for your project.