Marketing Launches

During the marketing launches, a particularly large number customers usually try to get a hold of customer support and ask their questions. As a result, an abnormally high number of tickets is created, which is hard to be reduced within a short time span, since new tickets would continue to appear. For this reason, many customer support employees are usually hired who then simply need to be fired after a month of time after the flow of customer inquiries dramatically decreases.

Our company offers you a unique service. If our customer does a marketing launch and needs additional customer support employees for 1-2 months, in the event of their availability we can provide several addtional employees who already have experience with similar products and can commence their work within 1-2 business days, having examined all available educational materials.

Because of the extremely short time span within whichwe need to provide these additional employees to our customer, the cost per employee will be 10% higher than the cost of those provided earlier.

Marketing Launch

By using this service, a customer of ours can secure themselves from a ballast of tickets that have come in the first day of the product launch, having nearly paralyzed the customer support team’s work.