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In order to get support for different types of projects, our customers are offered several types of support. Some projects accept only one certain type of support for the trade efficiency, others require application of the mixed support types for more profitability.

Most projects involve several support types simultaneously for the highest technical support efficiency. As projects’ customers may face different problems that evoke different questions, it is sometimes difficult to maintain only telephone support which needs immediate solutions. To remove the inconveniences with the telephone support services, we have come with a new support type be means of tickets and live chats. In this case, the projects’ customers do not have to hold on the line for several hours, do not have to leave messages on the autoresponder, and can receive nearly instant replies to their inquiries.

In 90% of all the support inquiries cases, an employee needs to research technical documentation or reproduce the situation on the PC which both takes time and makes the customer hold on the line. Taking into account the above-mentioned reasons and considering our experience, we advise to use written type of technical support such as live chats and tickets rather than telephone support. Complicated telephone inquiries can sometimes block the work process of one employee up to one and even several hours, while the same problem can be solved only in 10 minutes while using written support.

Our company offers its customers any of the following support types: