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In order to provide high quality technical support, our employees have to know everything about the supported project. To ensure their preparedness, the customers will be asked to maintain trainings of several levels:

  • The first stage is about introducing the topic of the project. This is done to develop the team’s understanding about the supported products and services.
  • The second stage is about training for projects’ details. This type of training deepens the understanding of the project; the team learns of the weak points and the strong aspects of the supported service or product, thus guaranteeing to find quick solutions to arising hot questions.

Staff training can be maintained by the customer himself or with the help of a responsible person assigned by the customer. The customer can manage team training via general Skype chat or manage individual trainings. In case the customer orders a team leader along with the general service package, the latter can maintain further trainings of his assigned team and train newcomers in case some employees leave or are substituted.

As customer support services rate as hard and routine work, there is a possibility that some staff members will suddenly quit. Unfortunately, our company is not an exception and this situation is sometimes inevitable. Having hired a team leader along with the support team, our customer is guaranteed to have someone who will know the customer’s business and the project’s details better than the others, will be able to find quick solutions to difficult and contradictory questions and will be eager to train newcomers without a repeated reference to the customer.