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Our company offers its customers a wide range of additional services. If the customer needs high quality support, he/she will also be likely to ask for several additional services as they cover a number of customer support services.

Several support packages already include some additional services such as a supervisor team leader or independent staff training. These services can be handy at the management of medium and large projects’ support.

As additional services, we also offer:

  • Support software setup – this service includes the software setup enabling the customer support provision. The service cost does not include the software cost.
  • Knowledgebase creation – created to accumulate information and canned responses to customers’ questions.
  • Work reports – reports on the performed tasks, including the quantity of the processed customer inquiries with their division by certain categories if so required by the customer.
  • Marketing launches – a service for the marketers who need more employees at the product launch stage than thereafter.