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This package suits almost any project, which does not require the support team to obtain specific knowledge or being continuously trained. The main goal set up for the employees working for the “Basic” package is to answer simple questions to as many customers as possible. Receive calls and act according to non-complicated premade instructions.

This package can be used in any field which does not require an extensive training of employees and special abilities.

All of our team members, employed for this package, have strong computer skills, profound knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian languages, have higher technical education enabling them to create strong team-building standards and keep the high-level quality of our services.

You can see the opportunities of this package listed below:

  • Any of the three available shifts
  • *Any support type: tickets & e-mails, live chats, phone calls
  • Low and medium projects complexity
  • Very low cost of labor
  • The opportunity to increase and decrease the number of the employees in the team every month
  • High speed of training for new projects
  • We consider almost any customer’s wishes

* The cost of the employees does not include the cost of the software enabling the support provision.