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Unlike the “Basic” package, this package suits projects requiring special knowledge, responsibility and extensive training of employees.

We recommend this package to the customers whose projects have particular demands to the quality of support replies, and also when every employee needs to obtain strong knowledge for the qualitative customer support provision.

In this package, we use the most successful employees working for us for an extensive period of time. All such employees have obtained higher technical education, possess strong PC skills of a technical expert and profound knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian language (with basic English level skills), have mastered ethics of business communication and are able to provide assistance of the highest quality to the project’s customers.

The support team of such a high level suits almost any project type. The employees are fast-learning and can easily and quickly adapt to the changes in the customer service provision strategy.
This package implies any support type: tickets & e-mails, live chats, telephone support, remote desktop support. There is a chance for any training and support provision methods offered by the customer.
You can see the opportunities of this package listed below:

  • Any of the three working shifts
  • *Absolutely any support type
  • Any project complexity
  • Reasonable cost, best mix of cost and quality
  • Free training of employees in case of their substitution or extra recruitment
  • High speed of training
  • The opportunity to give instructions individually to every employee with the help of supervisor
  • The opportunity to use employees for any tasks separate from customer support
  • We consider almost any customer’s wishes
  • Free software installation and setup to enable the support provision

* The cost of the employees does not include the cost of the software enabling the support provision.